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What is Online Store?

The sale of goods through an e-shop is the closest to the traditional e-commerce business. Virtually any retailer or wholesaler, as well as any manufacturer, can “export” some of their business to the Internet by starting to sell online.

Of course, in order to have a virtual store you do not necessarily have to have a real one – you can develop completely internet-based trading.

The e-shop is a software program that allows the merchant to present his goods and services on the Internet, and the customer to choose the desired item and make a payment in any of the ways.

Typically, such software allows you to upload graphical images of your merchandise, descriptions of commodity features, price information, etc., in your e-shop. to build your own commodity online catalogue.

The software must also provide an electronic “cart” or “basket” in which the goods selected by the customer accumulate and their total price are automatically calculated. Once the customer chooses to purchase a good or goods, the software will notify you of the request made. Your obligation is to ship the goods to the address specified by the customer, using the services of the post office, a courier company or by creating your own courier service.

Payments can be made in different ways, such as bank transfers, postal orders, checks, on-site delivery, or via one of the international payment systems such as 2CheckOut, PayPal, AuthorizeNet, SECPay, iPayment, PSiGate and others.