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Website in the top 10. Is it possible without professionals?

Website Leader. Can we achieve this without professionals? The number of web sites on the Internet is growing rapidly, and if, before, virtually any site with a small amount of money could rank in the TOP 10, now it is impossible.

Currently, there is a natural selection in which only really good resources can reach the top positions in search engines. Even with good content that is useful and necessary for website visitors, you will still not be in the TOP 10 for one simple reason: nobody will know about the existence of your website.

The way out of this situation will be contextual advertising. Everything is simple here, the more advertising there is for the site, the faster it will be promoted. But there is one caveat here as well, other websites also vying for a ‘place in the sun’. So after being ranked in the TOP 10, you should also keep it if you don’t want the promoted resources to move it away from the ranking.

The result – the success of any business in the next five years will depend on the search engine ranking of the website.

How is development in search engines now?

Increasingly, sites aiming to occupy a leadership position are emerging, so not always high website traffic is achieved by increasing the target audience. In the fight for a place in the TOP 10, all means are good, even artificial links, a fairly common occurrence.
Getting a web site in the TOP 10 and getting into it are two very different things.

It may be possible to reach the top ten in a relatively short period with contextual advertising, but it will no longer be there the next day. The only access to leaders, while having useful content, will help the website stay there and give it a chance to advance to the top positions.

We cannot but say that the popularity of every website is regulated daily by millions of users, so that after several unsuccessful articles, the site may again lose its leadership position.

We will continue on the topic in our next article and tell you what the site leader will be shortly and the professionals who can achieve this.