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Web Design

Where to find a unique web design in Sheffield?

You have probably been asking yourself why your website looks outdated compared to your competitors. Maybe because it was made before 10 years? I am just kidding but you have to know that the unique web design does really matter. If your website doesn’t have the needed traffic and if it does – they are […]

Is it important to create a responsive site?

Creating a responsive site is accomplished with the help of specific device features, movable structure and customizable images. This design not only adjusts the pages for small screens, reducing graphics and photos but also takes into account the interests of readers depending on the device from which they visit the site: the location and appearance […]

Front-end developer – what is it?

Front-end developer is a developer involved in the development of the user interface, ie. the external public part of the site in the browser. The main task of the Front-End developer is to make it as easy as possible for users to interact with the website or web application. The very word “front” indicates that […]

CMS for your Blog: Which Control Panel to Choose?

Every modern site is not just a set of HTML pages, but features of a specific platform, which is a system of software scripts for dynamic content. Such platforms are called CMS (Content Management System) and thanks to them you can easily edit records, vote, add comments, view page views, etc. Therefore, choosing one or […]

5 programming languages ​​that may become widely used in the future

Which programming languages ​​will dominate in the coming years? The list here does not claim to be exclusive. We just selected five programming languages ​​that can show very good results, based on current trends in data analytics and the mobile operating system. Kotlin The Kotlin programming language is experiencing a very steep growth, turning from […]

What is Web Design?

A technical web design may be hypertext or text with interactive references. To other parts of text or to other text documents. The end product of web design is the formation of HTML pages, images in various formats (mostly jpeg, png), animations (mostly gif or flash), etc. A standard web page consists of a single […]