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Front-end developer – what is it?

Front-end developer is a developer involved in the development of the user interface, ie. the external public part of the site in the browser.

The main task of the Front-End developer is to make it as easy as possible for users to interact with the website or web application.

The very word “front” indicates that the Front-End developer is on the front line with the end-user and is responsible for the external functionality of the application that contacts the user. Another specialist is working with the server code – Back-end developer. For information: there is a versatile specialist who works both front-end and back-end. It’s called a full stack developer.

The main tools of front-end developer are JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

JavaScript is the front-end developer’s main language on the web, where it implements user interface programming. The main task of the front-end developer is the layout of sites: writing HTML code and CSS styles to present information in a clear way to all browsers and external compliance of the site with the designer’s model. It is often the case that models do not display all the details of a common idea. In this case, the front-end developer incorporates his design skills to account for all the technical details and nuances. Many additional tools automate the routine part of the job: Sass / SCSS, jQuery, LESS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Prototype, Ember.js, Backbone, React.js, Grunt Gulp. And with the advent of Chrome Dev Tools and Firebug, it can boost productivity.

The front-end developer on the web is responsible for ensuring that the pages of the site look the same across all browsers and match the layout of the designer. With the advent of new development tools and more modern browsers, this task is becoming easier. But the interfaces of modern websites or online services are becoming more complex, and the variety of devices with which users log on to the network is constantly expanding – laptops, tablets, smartphones. Therefore, it is very important for the front-end developer, as well as any developer, to be aware of all the news to successfully adapt sites for new devices.