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7 Reasons Why SEO Is Still Alive

Many have heard the phrase: “SEO is already dead”. But is it so? Even though search engine optimization seems different from, say, a year ago, SEO is not only vibrant but also thriving. That’s why:

Organic traffic is the best

Organic traffic is traditionally the highest quality: lower bounce rate, higher conversion, etc. Thanks for the search engines. Their algorithms get complicated, ranking factors get bigger and more and more often the user sees exactly the page they are looking for in the search engine.

About five years ago, when looking for a “buy lipstick”, you might come across a page with a “makeup” text about cream and its role in human history. Because search engines were guided by the appearance of words. Today, with the same request, you will receive a list of online stores, as Google already takes into account user intentions and site functionality.

SEO saves time and money

Whoever includes SEO agency at the design stage of the site, he does wisely. It is better to immediately collect targeted inquiries and develop the appropriate structure of the site, instead of processing the finished resource which is not able to attract traffic.

By engaging SEO experts right from the start, you can save money and get results faster.

SEO supports traffic when design, structure, or CMS changes

Serious changes to the site are always made in the hope of better ones. But in reality, this often results in pages with 404 errors, an increasing failure rate and a drop in traffic. All this can be avoided by using SEO tools right from the start.

Someone is looking after the site

SEO specialists as a duty monitor the technical viability of the resource. There are webmasters about it, but in real life, alas, it’s not that simple.

A recent example: We recently did a competitive micro-credit site analysis. I go to a competitive resource, read the short description, click on the link and …… Page 404. This means that the user will come across a non-existent document! Will he fill in his passport details here? No!

SEO helps the website develop

Today, some “magic” promotion method (such as linking or URLs from person to person) will not succeed. In the modern conditions of access to the TOP in the search engines you have to design the content according to the user of the site as a whole and every single page, it has excellent functionality and usability. Also, you should not lag behind competitors, even in terms of page load speed. The SEO client receives not only high ranking in search results but also a site where everything is convenient to find, read and order.

SEO agencies share expertise

Optimizers should make the site convenient for both humans (users) and robots (search engines). Therefore, they carefully monitor any changes in search engine requirements. Yandex and Google publicly publish their recommendations, innovations, service information and APIs, and finally webmaster events. There is a lot of information and it is physically impossible to keep track of everything unless you are an SEO professional.

Demand gives rise to a proposal

The search traffic market already has a long, and not always positive, history. Many companies do not have the joyous experience of working with SEO agencies. For example, a client goes to a top agency, signs a contract, positions and sales increase… and then the site completely takes off from the index for a few months. Because the contractor distorts behavioural factors and the resource falls under search engine sanctions. Clients with such a story, to put it mildly, do not believe in “this censored SEO”.

But a significant number of customers find that search engine promotion work delivers real returns and incorporates it into their marketing activities.