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7 indications as to whether the CMS is appropriate for website promotion

Not every CMS (control panel) is suitable for the full SEO promotion of the site in the search engines. Control panels are so common that they are so difficult to cope with in-house optimization that many owners are forced to move the site to another CMS. Isn’t it better to immediately select the “right” control panel?

Yes, this is the perfect option, but how do we know if CMS, which offers a developer or web studio, is suitable for future promotion?

We recommend judging certain signs by which you can determine the capabilities of the control panel of the site in the field of SEO.

Change article URLs and categories

It should be possible to change the URL of each article, part of the site, or product, as having keys in the URL helps to promote the site.

The website should not have ugly addresses like index.php? Item = 156, everything must be strictly subsection characters, for example: /novini/cms-za-sayta.html

Some CMSs allow you to do this when installing additional plug-ins – make sure that these plug-ins are installed in a development phase.

Edit meta tags

Any modern content management system will allow you to edit the metadata on every page of the site so you can enter any Title, Description, Keywords.

Also, it is important that all of the listed meta tags can be modified independently of the other page parameters (page titles, menu items, etc.)

It happens, for example, that Title is automatically taken from the title of an article or product. This is not good. If we want to make the title of an article on the site one thing and the title for the search engines another, a good CMS should provide such an opportunity.

Edit H1-H6 subheadings

When editing the article, it should be possible to conveniently (!) Change the title of the materials to be understandable to search engines: H1, H2, etc.

Naturally, these elements need to be formatted in CSS to make the site look stylish.

Often, H1-level headlines are automatically made by the article title or product – this is fine, as long as those names are not related to menu items, more information must be provided in H1, and short menus do not always allow this to occur. happened.

That is, H1-H6 must be modified inside the article of any text of any length.

Sitemap in XML format

CMS should provide the ability to automatically create a special sitemap file in a specific XML format for search engines.

You have new material – the Sitemap has changed automatically.

The search engine analyzed it, saw the changes, immediately indexed your article or new product.

Edit homepage

The CMS must be able to make changes to the homepage and edit all of its parameters through the admin panel, for example, to add text, pictures, tags, videos, etc.

Why is this item exported separately? The point is that CMS allows you to edit many parameters of the site and its materials, except for some reason, the main page for which you need to enter the code separately, which is not convenient.

Therefore, if the panel allows you to edit the main page, this is a plus.

Convenient editor

The basis of all CMS for the administrator is the editor through which information is added to the site.

So this SEO editor should be damn handy, otherwise, the constant work with texts, formatting and linking will become an SEO nightmare. What we mean:

⦁ It should be possible to work with fonts, styles, lists and titles directly in the editor.
⦁ Easily and quickly add photos with the option to select a folder, fill in all fields: alt, title, positioning and more.
⦁ Obligatory option for placing hyperlinks with target selection (new window, same window, no-follow, etc.)
⦁ When working with the source code, the editor doesn’t have to cut anything except the program code.

We’ll also add that CMS should allow you to add videos to articles. Either through a special button or the source code, but it does not have to “cut” the iframe, which is usually the Youtube video code.

Videos have a positive effect on the behavioural factors of the site, so the administrator should be able to work with them without problems.

Any manipulation of the text can be done in the source code, but this complicates the whole process a lot.

Custom plugins

It will be a huge plus if your CMS can install such non-standard plug-ins for most control panels as caching/speeding up work, additional hacking protection, social security, mobile site version, spam protection, photo gallery and more.

All such plugins lead to a faster rise in the position of the site in the search engines. Therefore, if CMS has few such plugins, or they cost money, then think about it when planning the cost of promoting a website.

On the contrary, the dashboards that constantly write interesting and even better free plugins will be much faster and cheaper to promote in the long run.

List of the best CMSs to promote

Below is a list of CMSs according to which they are good or badly optimized according to the parameters in the article.

Bad: most of the self-written CMS, MC3, Node.Js
Medium: Bitrix, Joomla, WebAssist, Mega group.
Excellent: WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, MODx

We recommend that you pay attention to the correct CMS when ordering site development services, and then in the future, you will be guaranteed to engage with SEO-promotion of the site and for this purpose, you will not have to change the control panel.